New, advanced, instructor-led mentor training curriculum!

The Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring, 4th Edition stipulates that all mentors should receive at least two hours of pre-match, in-person training.

After completing the Building Your Mentoring Skills in-person training, mentors will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the roles mentors should and should not play
  • Be prepared for the first meeting with their mentees
  • Apply the key behaviors of successful mentors to mentoring a youth
  • Understand the importance of cultural awareness in mentoring
  • Discuss and resolve difficult situations with their mentees
  • Understand the importance of a thoughtful, planned mentoring relationship closure

This curriculum includes options of examples and exercises for both community-based and site-based mentoring programs.

Five Motivating Lessons.


Engage volunteers in a review of the online training to strengthen their knowledge.


Deepen volunteers’ understanding of mentors’ motivations and expectations and the three roles of effective mentors


Assist mentors in building a strong relationship during the initial stage of their mentoring relationship and identify the qualities and practices of effective mentors


Help mentors practice the establishing boundaries and negotiating challenges in the mentoring relationship.


Reinforce the importance of a thoughtful, planned closure process


Throughout the training there are:

  • Engaging videos and real-life scenarios to discuss with volunteers to reinforce their understanding
  • Role play activities to practice the skills learned in the online and in-person training
  • Workbook activities to help volunteers deepen their knowledge of the training content

Included in your purchase of the in-person training:

  • Multimedia presentation to use when conducting the in-person training (can be taught virtually)
  • Training Manual with scripts and discussion questions for trainers
  • Mentor Workbook to print in advance and provide to volunteers who are attending training
  • Pre- and post- knowledge tests to administer to volunteers who are attending the training workshop
  • Certificates to print and provide to volunteers who complete the training and pass the knowledge test


Average length: 2 hours of instructor-led training workshop

$200 per instructor for 2 years of access

$25 to renew every 2 years

Included in the membership package