Success starts with self-assessment.

EQUIP is a break-through evaluation system that first measures your program against the national standards of the EEPM. And then it provides an action plan to rebuild any areas that don’t meet those standards.

Here’s how EQUIP helps evaluate your program:
  • Measures your program quality against 40+ national benchmarks
  • Identifies exactly which practices are in — or out — of compliance
  • Innovative web-based tool is available anywhere, any time
  • Delivers a do-able action plan
  • Prioritizes recommendations by safety impact
  • Eliminates onsite visits to lower costs and increase efficiency
  • Systematic and repeatable — so you can track progress year to year
What you get from EQUIP evaluation:
  • Self-assessment report
  • External reviewer report
  • Quality Improvement plan

Systematic. Measurable. Actionable.

Whether you are developing a new program or fine-tuning a long-running one, EQUIP provides a fundamental, standards-based framework for delivering high quality mentoring.

Each step, procedure and tool in the evaluation process is supported by our expert mentoring consultants.

Meet all six standards. In six steps.

To determine if your program is meeting all six standards, EQUIP’s comprehensive self-assessment tool walks you through a series of questions.  Trained external reviewers clarify and verify your results, and identify areas where your program should improve. Then, your expert team develops a detailed quality improvement plan to bring your program into alignment.

Two-tiered pricing for flexible affordability.

This robust measuring system first determines which standards your program meets, that’s Phase 1. Then we develop a plan of action to elevate any failing areas to the level of compliance, Phase 2. Here’s what to expect:

Phase Components Price
Step 1: Training
Step 2: Self Assessment
Step 3: External Review and Validation
Step 4: External Reviewer Report
Step 5: Quality Improvement Consultation
Step 6: Custom Quality Improvement Plan

See what’s included in each phase of the process.